About Teng Lee Green Pack

Established in 1975, Teng Lee became a private limited company in 1979. Teng Lee’s core business has developed from timber sawmilling into a wooden pallet supply chain management company providing industrial packing, onsite packing and logistics services. Pallet supply chain entails timber sourcing, manufacturing control, heat treatment services, just-in-time delivery to customers and onsite packing and logistics services. Teng Lee has a proven track record of managing pallet supply chain and industrial packing solutions to a group of key multinational customers (MNCs). Teng Lee is the largest pallet supplier in Singapore with major market share of the total supply of wooden pallets with heat treatment in Singapore.

In 2014, Teng Lee was acquired by Forbes Asia Fab 50 CWT Pte. Limited. The Acquisition is made to further beef up CWT’s logistics solutions and extend value-add to its customers by providing them with a one-stop solution in Singapore from warehousing to packaging, packing supply and services to the movement and distribution of goods. With the combined strengths, CWT and Teng Lee will now be able to offer even broader logistics solutions to their customers.